October 19, 2023 Newsletter

October 19, 2023 Newsletter
Posted on 10/19/2023

Happy Fall Break!

A short, but wonderful week! It was so great to see many of you at conferences and in the book fair. Thank you for taking the time to celebrate your children and connect with us at school.

A HUGE thank you for bringing in food for our teachers during conferences. Wow. You spoiled us! We appreciate you and the yummy food and drinks. 

Book Fair update:

Thank you all so much for making our first ever book fair a huge success! The way that you all are fostering the love of reading in your child is amazing! If you didn't get a chance to stop by the book fair here at school, you can still shop online, until October 24th. They have tons of books! Here is the online shop.   We will be getting back 50% of all the sales we made. Some of this money has already gone towards buying each teacher a book to use in their classroom! The rest of the money will be used to purchase more books for our library and materials to repair books as needed. Thank you for all of the donations you made! If you know of a family that was unable to purchase books from the book fair this year due to financial hardship, please reach out. So many of you donated to support our school community and we are so thankful for this! We want everyone to experience the book fair! 

It's Book Fair Time!

Visit our school's homepage to get the latest Book Fair news, shop our Online Fair, and more!


Library Update:

Over the past few months, it has been an absolute joy getting to know each of your children as they have come with their class to the library for a read aloud! I know many of you are wondering when your child will be able to check out a book from our school library, and my goal is to start having them check out the week of October 30th. It has been quite the process getting a whole new library set up for our youngest learners. I am choosing to generify the library, so that the children can easily access books that are of high interest to them. Some of our genre categories include family stories, dinosaur stories, nonfiction animals, plants, and so much more! 


For the first two weeks of check out, these school library books will be housed in your child's classrooms. This will allow teachers to continue to work with children on how to take care of and have responsibility for them. After these two weeks, the books will begin to come home, and need to be returned by your child's library day. Teachers will share your class’s library day with you. If your child forgets their book at home, they will be able to still look at books in the library on their check out day. Please help remind your child that their library book should stay in their backpack unless they are reading it. I also know accidents happen. If the book gets damaged, please just contact me ([email protected]) or share with your teacher that it got damaged. Thank you for helping us keep our library nice and stocked by helping your child take responsibility in getting it to and from school, so that all children can enjoy the books! If you have any questions, please reach out!

Signing in and out at the classroom:

The sign in/sign out papers are actually legal documents that we are required to keep as data. Anyone that signs a child in and/or out must be at least 18 years old. Thank you for helping us with this.

Our Fall Festival is next week! We are so excited to have this time together to play and connect.

October 27th from 5-7 pm. 

Here is a place to sign up to volunteer and donate items.

Donations: https://tinyurl.com/5y3cpytz

Volunteers: https://tinyurl.com/mvknte27

We also have our bus safety practice/learning on the 24th. Please send in the permission slip for your child to join us as we learn how to safely ride the bus. Thank you!

I am so honored to be your school leader. You have all been so welcoming and supportive of all staff and families. Our staff engaged in some learning this morning around literacy instruction and documenting student learning. I am so inspired by our staff. Feeling blessed with an amazing job today!

Have a wonderful long weekend,


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